Are the roses real and how long will they last?

Yes, the Sweet Flower roses are real! They are real fresh roses that have been specially preserved to last up to 1 year with care. Please refer to the Care page to ensure they last.

What are the advantages of ordering roses from Sweet Flower?

At Sweet Flower our ethos is to provide luxury flowers that are presented in a stylish and sophisticated way at affordable prices.

The main advantage is that the roses do not need watering. A similar flower arrangement may cost on average £50-£60 that ONLY last up to 2 weeks; however our roses last up to 1 year which offers you great savings for a stunning arrangement.

What is your refund policy?

We offer 100% money back guarantee for faulty and damaged products. Please return the items within the original packaging and condition within 5 working days of receipt. Please refer to the Deliveries & Returns page for more detail. Please note that Delivery costs will not be refunded.

If I require further advice who shall I contact?

If you require advice or assistance in relation to our product, please refer to our contact page for details. At Sweet Flower we have a team that will be able to assist.

Can I request other colours if they are not on your website?

Yes, if you would like specific colours we can get our team to contact you with our colour chart.

Would you provide your roses for events or occasions?

Yes, we can provide for any event or any occasion whether it is a corporate event, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays or religious occasions. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.  Please visit our Contact Us page for further details.

What is your delivery policy?

Please refer to the Deliveries & Returns page.